Donate now - Participation is key!

The PTA of PS/IS 276 invests nearly $875 per student annually to help provide critical resources for our children. Do you know how the money is invested? Please check all programs and resources funded with your contribution.

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While the suggested donation amount is between $875 and $1000 per child, all gifts are appreciated and valued. Give only what you are comfortable giving – no amount is too small.  

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And remember, your contribution is tax-deductible and may be eligible for corporate matching!

Fundraising FAQ's

The PTA has answered some of the most common questions asked by you. Do you ave a question not listed here? You can always email us at

Why should I give when I'm at a public school? DOE funds vary year to year and do not provide enough for all our wonderful programs. Many schools are forced to make tough choices like whether to have a librarian or a music program. We are so thankful for our family contributions, which allow us to have both music and a librarian, as well as many other enriching programs.

What if I can't give the full $875? We value all donations regardless of the size. We realize not every family can contribute the full amount, but we appreciate you giving what you can. You can also sign up for monthly payments. Small recurring monthly payments make a big difference at the end of the year. 

How does the PTA choose which programs to fund? New programs are funded based on the recommendations of our principal Terri, the teachers, and the School Leadership Team (SLT). We take care to ensure every grade receives at least one enriching program and all students have access to lunch clubs, library, and music. 

What is the PTA? Every parent and teacher are part of the PTA, with no requirement of dues. Every family is welcome to attend all of our meetings and voice their concerns. As an organization, we strive to support the school and help realize its mission.

Why should I support the PTA? The PTA's mission is to help the school provide enriching programs for every student. We can't do this without your support!

My family goes to Halloween Monster Mash, Winter Carnival, etc. Do I still need to contribute to the annual appeal? Thank you for supporting some of our wonderful community events! While these events do help bring in some money for school, alone they are not enough to cover many of our programs.

What happens if we don't raise enough money? Unfortunately, we will have to make tough choices and decide which programs to remove for next year.