Our Investment Per Child

While the suggested donation amount is $875 per child, all gifts are appreciated and valued. Our suggested amount is consistent with that of all other top performing Manhattan public schools. Our goal is 100% participation!

And remember, your gift could be doubled!! Don't forget to check with your employer to see if they will match your contribution. PS/IS 276 has the opportunity to receive tens of thousands of dollars in matching gift donations.


Programs we fund

 PTA funding is essential in order to fund a variety of programs across all the grades. The DOE does not provide enough funding to support our students in all areas. Below are some of the programs the PS/IS 276 parent community has funded. 


Music: K-8: Rhythmic patterns, harmony, dynamics, pitch and more. 3rd grade: introduction to recorders. 4th -grade: band instruments. 5th-8th grade: band instruments and choral singing.

Spanish: 1-4: Introduction to a new language. Also allows teachers to team teach in small group time, breaking into smaller groups for math and literacy while one class has Spanish.

Math Coach: K-8: Works with the teachers to improve student learning of mathematics.

Teacher Development: K-8: To help teachers stay current on best practices and to help improve curriculum

Assistant Teachers: Lower School: To support teachers in some classes with large number of students.

Story Telling: K: Uses interactive drama to strengthen literacy, critical thinking, and essential social-emotional skills

NYC Kids Project: K and 8: Use theatrical puppets and storytelling and facilitated dialogue to focus on character development and anti-bullying issues.

Construction Kids: 1st: Learn to use real tools (hammer, nails, etc.) and get to build pinewood boats, birdhouses.

Centre for Architecture: 2nd: A great STEM program allows our kids design, build and engineer models of bridges.

Artist Residency: 3rd: Artists in the classroom to help bring aspects of the curriculum to life

Puberty Program: 5th: To learn about the physical, emotional and social changes that affect both boys and girls during puberty. There is a workshop for parents as well.

Lincoln Center Programs: 6th-8th: From music to social studies… a variety of workshops aligned with the curriculum.

Library: K-8th: Creating a space for all students to feel welcomed and are encouraged to grow and learn.

Library - Recess Clubs: 2-8th: Minecraft, Makerspace, Knitting Club ….All in the library with Basia!

Chess: K-8th: Practice your chess strategies and get advise during recess at the library. In class lessons for the lower school.