Lower School Admissions

2023 - 2024 Pre-K Applications

The online Pre-K  application Is currently closed. Learn more about Pre-K and how to apply here.

Please note:

2023 - 2024 Kindergarten Applications

The online kindergarten application is currently closed. Learn more about enrolling in kindergarten in NYC here.

Once you receive and accept an offer at 276, we will send out a “next steps” email outlining the registration guidelines. You can preview the documentation we will require here.

The requirements include:

2023 - 2024 1st through 5th Grade Admissions

PS/IS 276 is a zoned school up through 5th grade. The zone is south of Liberty Street from the west side of Broadway to the Hudson River. 

Registration for 1st through 5th grade for the 2023 - 2024 school year is now open. Families living the in PS/IS 276 zone may register for available seats by submitting the following (Note: if your child has ever attended a public school in NYC, please make sure their nine-digit student ID (or OSIS) number is on every document you submit):

Student Registration Form

Housing Questionnaire

Parent-Guardian-Student Ethnic and Race Identification

Home Language Identification Survey

DOH School Health Annual Exam Form (to be completed by a physician in the United States)

 Immunization Requirements Letter and Chart for School Year 2022-2023 

Pre-K Only:

Pre-K Language Needs Survey

Kindergarten Only:

Kindergarten New Admit Questionnaire

Please advise us if:

Please send all completed forms and documents together in one email to our pupil accounting secretary, Sabrina Raza-Wiese, at srazawiese@schools.nyc.gov.

In the subject line, please include your child’s name and grade and the school year for which you are registering.

If you would prefer, you may print out the completed forms and documents and drop them off at the school in an envelope marked “ATTN: Sabrina - 2023 - 2024 Registration / [Child’s Name]”. Please leave the envelope with the School Safety Agents in the front lobby.

Please contact Angie O’Reilly, our Parent Coordinator, at angie.oreilly@bpcschool.org.