School Supplies

All K-4th grade School Supplies are provided by the school and most 5th-8th. 

Parents will be asked by the PTA to donate funds to help offset the costs of these purchases. 

Additional 5th - 8th Grade School Supplies for purchase by families. 

All 5th - 8th Grade Students:

For school:

- Headphones (wired; USB-C or standard (3.5mm) headphone plug)

- A pencil case & pencil sharpener with lid

- Optional: A locker box to store things in homeroom (there are no lockers at 276). See an example here.

For use at home:

- A device (laptop, desktop computer or iPad) * Please contact your homeroom teacher If you do not have a device to use at home.

- Pens, pencils, colored pencils and highlighters

6th Grade Only:

One 1.5" binder (Science)

Set of 5 binder dividers (Science)

7th Grade Only:

Two 1.5" binders (one for Science, one for Social Studies)

Set of 5 binder dividers (Science)