"Spring Gala: A night to Reach the Stars" 

April 10, 2019, 6:30pm at Battery Gardens

PS/IS 276 is celebrating 10 years! 

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Origami Invasion - Art Elective

Origami  Invasion
By 2018 Art Elective


Public Art made a simple piece of paper into something beautiful and symbolic. We came up with this idea by collaborating together and combining ideas.

The origami resembles creation. This piece of artwork represents overall diversity by uniting the different colors and kinds of animals.

This also connects to the LGBTQ+ community with the assorted rainbow and the separate colors symbolize the different races/ethnicities in this community. We believe making art that applies to everyone is truly expressing belief and solidarity. This art installation is meant to support all members of this community.

Oscar Frayne, Kyra Yip, Addy Hawley, Assata Wright, Emma Brady, Justin McCarthy-Hill, Sophia Mainero, Gianna Calandra, Kimaya One-Routier, Julia Calgaro, Lennox Obrovnik, Xavian Acosta, Jasmyn Nagy, Norah Neilson.

Amanda Capalbo
Eric Castro


3rd Annual Yankees Night at the Stadium


Yankees vs. Minnesota Twins
Friday, May 3rd, 2019 at 7pm

Location upgrade from last year, Home Run zone.

Section 234 - Location upgrade from last year! $48 per ticket; quantities limited. Buy your tickets here starting Wednesday. 

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IS 276 students have the ability to Graduate with Distinction

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