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2018 Spring Book Fair


Welcome to our Spring 2018 Book Fair! We can't wait to share with you this diverse and engaging collection of books for every reading level. 

To review the Book Fair website, please click HERE

To sign up to volunteer at the fair, please, click HERE

This year you can create an eWallet for your child to shop the fair. You can set a spending limit, and it's secure and cash-free. Once you set up the eWallet on our book fair's website, your child can use it to shop the in-school book fair (you already can set it up). We are happy to announce that our kindergarteners will be able to use the eWallet function to shop during their class visits!

 Please check the Book Fair Schedule - per class - HERE






Terri's Blog


Terri's blog

Click for my blog about schooling, kids, and 276. 

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School Priorities

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Free Lunch for all Students!

 Dear Families:

The New York City Department of Education (DOE) is pleased to announce that starting this school year, lunch is now completely free for all students in every New York City public school. Breakfast is already provided for free and now all meals will be served at no charge to families.

For more information, please read at the DOE communication - FreeLunchEnglish.pdf 

New Certification

Our School is certified!
Digital Literacy and Citizenship at 276 
Digital citizenship aims to redefine the way kids engage with technology by empowering teachers, parents and students to be safer online.  
To read more from Terri about why explicitly teaching our community about digital literacy is important - click HERE

PS/IS 276 Shopping Page


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Our school earns up to 10% on every purchase. Every purchase made through this link supports our kids! 

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