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The PTA has some great opportunities for parents to be involved in the school. Many of these can be done with only an hour or two commitment and some can be done with smaller siblings with you. 

Hospitality CommitteeA new committee is forming to help put out coffee and goodies before each PTA meeting. They will also help organize the K & 1 welcome reception in the fall, food events, and coordinate baked goods for the teachers at Teacher Conference day. A wonderful 1st grade parent has already signed on the lead this so we just need a few people to help out. Email pta@bpcschool.org to join.

Halloween Dance Committee- A new committee is forming to help plan our first Halloween dance this October. Join to help make this a great event! Email pta@bpcschool.org to join.

Audit Committee & Budget Committee- Volunteers are needed for the Audit committee (June commitment) and Budget committee (May commitment). Email pta@bpcschool.org

Mailbox Stuffer- We need a few people who can come in once or twice a month to make copies and put in teacher mailboxes. Smaller siblings are always welcome in the PTA room and this is a great opportunity for a parent who can only help out a very limited amount. You can even count out the copies at home and come in for a few minutes to stuff the mailboxes. Email pta@bpcschool.org to volunteer.

Apparel Committee-We need a few people who to come in at various PTA or school events to sell school apparel. Email: apparel@bpcschool.org