Student emails accounts account

Student emails:

@ nycstudents .net email

1.- Please follow  directions for setting up a email account

Your child will need this email to log in easily to Zoom meetings. If your child is new to the NYCDOE, you will NOT be able to set this up right away. Do not fear!  You can still join these meetings as a guest.  Your child will need this account eventually and so we are strongly encouraging families who are able to set it up right away.


2.- Visit the DOE website for additional information - how to sign into Zoom


3.- Review the video to check step by step - how to sign into Zoom with your @"" email account.



Gmail Account

We will be continuing to use our email addresses. If you are new to the school, your child’s email address is their first initial full last name last 4 digits of the OSIS/Student ID number . (This is all one word. If your child has two last names or a hyphenated last name, there is no punctuation.) You should be able to set this up today. If you cannot, please contact Rachel Lewis at . She needs your child’s first name and last name to assist you.

  1. This is a gmail account so you can go to gmail and then add a new account.
  2. Enter your child’s whole email address as the user name.
  3. The initial password is welcomebpc.  You will be prompted to set a new password. Please write this password down.  

If you have already activated your account, you do not need to do anything.