Report Cards

We have redesigned our report cards this year in order to more accurately reflect our understanding of student learning.  We know that effort on the student’s behalf is an important factor in student learning.  Research shows that students who work hard at something and have that hard work recognized are more likely to develop the perseverance, self-confidence, and self-efficacy to work through increasingly challenging problems.  We also know that children develop at different rates.  Some children can work really hard at something and make good progress even though they are not meeting standards. Other children may be meeting standards but are not making much progress. We hope that our new format will provide parents and guardians with richer insights into how your children are doing in school.   


 Our new report cards provide feedback on two indicators. The progress your child has made in the area and whether or not they are meeting standards.  The standards listed come from the Common Core Learning Standards that have been adopted by New York State and will provide the basis for the State exams in ELA and math in grades 3-8.  Below are links to sample, blank report cards.  


Kindergarten Sample Report Card 


First Grade Sample Report Card  


Second Grade Sample Report Card  


Third Grade Sample Report Card


Fouth Grade Sample Report Card