Raffle Tickets for a Play Date with your teachers!
Tickets are 1 for $10 and 5 for $40 cash, check or credit cards accepted
Tickets will be sold at drop off on 3/15, 3/16, 3/19, 3/20, 3/21, 3/22 and 3/23 (just before drawing)

Class Teacher Play date
K1 Ali Dimaria Shake shack and play date at the park for your child and a friend
K3 Lucas Rotman Sing, play percussion, with Lucas, Andrea Wilches and their band, The Melodic Miners, as part of the Make Music NYC Festival on June 21st just outside the school building right after school (2:45-3:15pm)! Be ready to sing your heart out!
K4 Kim Owens/Nick Felts/ Mary Jo Three teachers will take one child each and together we will begin our playdate at Wagner Park. Going on the glass carousel, playing games and an art activity.
101 Donve Deacon Picnic and face painting in the park for your chid and 3 friends.
102 Nikolet Krasniqi and Tara Hines Movie and Shake Shack for your child and two friends
103 Jillian Meyers Take 1 friend to the Sea Glass carousel, the park, and Shake Shack!
104 Jackie Wong Sea Glass Carousel Ride/Fun in the Park/Shake Shack for you and a friend
201 Melanie Pavlovich Shake Shack and playdate at the park for your child and a friend.
202 Kristal Aliyas/Stephanie Robbins Chloe's Soft Serve and fun at Evelyn's Playground in Union Square
203 Jen Echegaray Shake Shack and the park with Jen for your child and a friend
301 Judy Park & Shirley Shum Afternoon movie and pizza (in the classroom)
302 Andrea Friedman and Kelly Henderson Join Andrea and Kelly for a picnic in the park with snacks, games, and fun in the sun for two students!
303 Liz Beigel Bowling: Bring a friend! (This playdate will combine with Rashel's playdate)
401 Emily Beard/Annie Read Movie and Ice Cream Party in the classroom!
402 Allie Blank and Haiva Albuliwi Lunch in the park with Haiva and Allie for your child and two friends
403 Latonya Pogue Pretend to be movie critic during a screening of the new motion picture release, "A Wrinkle in Time" (motion picture rating, PG). Plus, to be fair we'll bring one of your friends along to serve as a second opinion. Enjoy popcorn and junk food while you "work".
501 Dawn Panebianco Out to lunch pizza at Inatteso!
502 Francis Laros Mini-golf and ice cream for your child and a friend.
504 Mollie Noel Walk the Brooklyn Bridge and get ice cream!
504 Sara Epstein Play Date with Sara!
MS Nico - Assistant Principal Your chance to have out lunch with Nico and a friend
K-8 Princiapal Terri Your chance to have out lunch with Terri and a friend



SPRING AUCTION 2018 - PLAY DATES- Silent Auction

Silent auction opens Friday, March 16 at 12 noon! Sign up to bid online https://psis276auction2018.ggo.bid

Teacher/Staff Play date
Dina- 104 para Dina will lead your child and a friend in a garden/bug exploration in Wargner Park. Sea Glass Carousel & treat, too
Harry- 104 para Art lesson and lunch for one kid and a friend
Andrea- Spanish Spanish speaking excursion in Jackson Heights to try some authentic Colombian food!
Erika Richardson- Science Out lunch at Le District for you and a friend (8th graders a day that isn’t Thursday and any day for other grades)
Basia Tov- Library Makerspace playdate after school for you and a friend. Many activities to choose from!
Susan Towes- Parent Coordinator Lunch at Inatesso for your child and a friend
Sabrina Raza-Wiese and Daniel Fanelli- Lunch Lunch out during school hours for your child and a friend
Maddy- Reading Pick out a book at Books of Wonder and get a frozen treat at Chloe's
Natalie Skeels- Social Studies A trip to the ancient history exhibits in the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a food cart lunch in Central Park
Krista- Music A lucky winner and a friend will join our talented Krista in an afternoon musical outing!
Jeanette- 102 para A trip on the Staten Island Ferry and a treat for you and a friend!
Jon Carey- P.E. Mets game for your child & 2 friends. *Preferably during the summer, but not a deal breaker!
Jon Carey- P.E. Jon will provide 2 hrs of sports fun for your child's birthday party
Rebecca Haverstick- Science Your child and a friend learn how to make slime in the Science Classroom.
Nico- Assistant Principal Escape the room in Tribeca for your child and 5 friends
Nico- Assistant Principal Plan an out lunch this spring with Nico and 2 friends
Alexis Hoffman- Assistant Principal Lunch date for your child and a friend
Mary Valentine- Social Studies Escape school, grab lunch and walk along the water with Mary? Good for a student and 2 friends
Erica Foley Weldon- Office A round of mini golf at Pier 25 and a snack for your child and a friend
Rachel Goodman- Guidance Councelor Work with Rachel to create your own play date for a child and a friend
Cynthia DeLeon- Manhattan Youth Roller Skating at Brooklyn Bridge Park for a Child and Two Friends
Nathalie Pilaza- Manhattan Youth A baking play date with your child and a friend!
Oscar Diaz- Manhattan Youth A game of Dungeons and Dragons for Your Child and 3 Friends!
Terrelle Watson- Manhattan Youth A cooking play date with your child and one friend.
Lamont Williams- Manhattan Youth A sports playdate with a kid and 11 friends
Melissa Kefalas- P.E. Behind the scenes tour operations to the Staten Isalnd Ferry for you and a friend (May - June /2018)
Frankie - Recess King Your child and 4 friends will play some ball with Frankie after school
Rachel Carr - Math Coach Your child and 2 friends will use math skills to make a tasty treat with Rachel
Elissa - The Coolest School Nurse in NYC Visit the Intrepid Museum with Nurse Elissa. Good for your child and a friend
Elissa - The Coolest School Nurse in NYC Your child and a friend can go behind the scenes at NBC with Nurse Elissa
Jamie Christian- Math Pizza, Ice Cream, and a Movie in the classroom with your child and 2 friends
Talar Galian-Hernandez- Speech Bring 1 friend to enjoy an afternoon of food & fun! Your choice of ice cream then go to the park or go see a movie!
Julie & Sadie- Art Make a clay sculpture with Julie (1 friend + 1 guest) and Sadie (1 friend + 1 guest) after school. Snacks provided!
Eric (Para 6th) Your child and a friend will go to the park with Eric or play ball.
Alexis Querques - Science Join Alexis Q. For a cupcake making class at Butterlane for you and two friends on a weekend afternoon this Spring. 
7th Grade "Dream Team" Play Date Maren Aydogan, Peggy Chen, Carmen Robles, Dawn Schafer, Pooja Shekar and Natalie Skeels --  "Infinity War Mania"- Join BPC's own Marvelous 7th grade superhero team in watching Infinity Wars and then eats at Shake Shack! Good for winner and up to 5 friends.
Principal Terri Principal for the Day- You or your child can help Terri evaluate teachers and plan for next year.