Mindfulness Program for our students

In today’s society, one of the most challenging, demanding and stressful roles, is parenting. 

The way in which we parent is crucial as it determines the integrity and grit of our youth, their experience of meaning and connection and their deepest feelings about themselves, and their place in the world. Yet we are usually thrown into parenting without any or little preparation, guidance or support.

Mindfulness cultivates greater clarity, calmness and insight to parent with greater wisdom. To parent consciously we must engage in an inner work on ourselves alongside the outer work of nurturing and caring for our children; the essence of mindful parenting.

Inner Rhythm’s online mindfulness platform targeted for K-12 schools is currently being implemented in some NYDOE schools and contains captivating mindfulness curriculums for students as well as engaging online mindfulness trainings for educators. 

On October 23rd, Inner Rhythm will be running a comprehensive 1.5 hour Mindful Parenting Workshop to cover the basic concepts of mindfulness, how to interact with our children more mindfully and how to face daily challenges in a more mindful manner. Parents attending this workshop report having increased patience, reduced stress levels, more empathy and stronger relationships.