High School Admissions

High School Admission Process

DOE NYC High School Admission Process


On 12/18/2020 the Mayor and Chancellor made several announcements regarding the HS admission process.


  • Screened high schools can use 6th grade state tests, and a combination of 2018-19 and early 2019-20 grades when designing a rubric for admissions. Please check each school website to get more information.



Beginning on December 21you can register your child to test and/or audition for admission to the Specialized High Schools!

Eight Testing Specialized High Schools. Apply to any/all of these schools by registering for, then taking the Specialized High Schools Admissions Test (SHSAT).

  • Step 1. Register by January 15, 2021 to take the SHSAT. Log in to your MySchools account and click “Get Started”. Then click the “SHSAT” tab. Here, list any/all of these schools in your true preference order, starting with your top choice as #1. After taking the SHSAT, your child will be considered for admission to the Specialized High Schools you list on this page, in the order listed. Submit your registration for the test. 
  • Step 2. Take the SHSAT. Testing will begin on January 27. 8th grade public school students will take the SHSAT at their current school. Other students will take the SHSAT at DOE locations. These locations, along with all test dates, will be shared in the coming weeks.

One Audition Specialized High School. Apply to any/all of the programs at LaGuardia High School of Music & Art and the Performing Arts by registering to audition, then submitting audition materials. Please note that the SHSAT is not used for admission to LaGuardia.

  • Step 1. Register to audition by the week of February 22, 2021. Log in to your MySchools account and click "Get Started.” Then click the “LaGuardia” tab. Here, indicate which programs your child wants to audition for. There are six programs at LaGuardia High School, and students can audition for just one program, all six, or anything in between. Submit your registration to audition.
  • Step 2. Submit your audition by the week of March 1. All high school auditions this year—including for LaGuardia High School—will take place virtually. 
    • Applicants will submit audition files through a new Virtual Audition Submission Tool. This tool is not yet open; we will notify schools and families when you can access it.
    • Updated requirements for audition programs are available on our High School Auditions page; these will be posted in the MySchools directory in the coming weeks.

Need help? Want to learn more?

  • For a copy of your child’s Welcome Letter, access to MySchools, or any questions, contact your child’s current school counselor or a Family Welcome Center--learn how at schools.nyc.gov/WelcomeCenters.
  • Visit schools.nyc.gov/SHS for details and updates, and to watch our Specialized High Schools videos.
  • Learn more about high school admissions at schools.nyc.gov/High; please note that the high school application will open the week of January 18.

8th graders in need of recommendations/school records

If your 8th grader is applying to a high school that requests a letter of recommendation, work from his/her 7th grade portfolio, a copy of his/her 7th grade report card, or any other kind of school record, this must be requested at least a week in advance and students must fill out a request for recommendation form.  Please send in an addressed, stamped envelope if you need material mailed from the school.



HS Application Information Sessions

The DOE is hosting two kinds of virtual events to share information about high school admissions in New York City.
Register for any event(s) you’d like to attend—dates and times are listed below and at the link.
Please join us for:
  • Virtual High School Admissions Information Sessions. At each of these events, we’ll walk you through how to apply to high school, including any changes due to COVID-19, how to build your application, and how to participate in Specialized High Schools admissions. After the presentation, we will respond to your questions. 
    • January 11, 4pm to 5pm | Interpretation will be provided in: Spanish, Mandarin, French
    • January 12, 6pm to 7pm 
    • January 13, 4pm to 5pm | Interpretation will be provided in: Spanish, Mandarin, Russian
    • January 14, 5pm to 6pm 
    • January 15, 1pm to 2pm 
  • Virtual Arts High School Fairs. Interested in applying to audition programs? At these online events you can learn about audition requirements for each discipline, the audition process for this year, and how to use MySchools and the Virtual Audition Submission Tool (VAST). Additionally, this is a chance to meet representatives from NYC’s audition schools, including LaGuardia High School. At the end of the event, school and DOE staff will respond to your questions. Please note that schools from different boroughs will showcase their programs on different days.
    • January 21, 1pm to 3pm, featuring Manhattan and Bronx audition programs | Interpretation will be provided in: Spanish, Mandarin, French
    • January 25, 5pm to 7pm, featuring Brooklyn and Staten Island audition programs| Interpretation will be provided in: Spanish, Mandarin, Russian
    • February 2, 4pm to 6pm, featuring Queens audition programs | Interpretation will be provided in: Spanish, Mandarin, Bangla
    • February 4, 6pm to 8pm, featuring Manhattan and Bronx audition programs | Interpretation will be provided in: Spanish, Mandarin, Bangla 
The day before the event, you’ll receive a confirmation email with the link to the virtual event(s) you registered for—when the event starts, click this link to join.
Please check the DOE website for the most current list of dates and language supports for events.
Can’t attend, or want to learn more?