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Wellness Committee helps keep our school green and healthy through efforts focused on:

  • coordinating chef and vegetable tastings with Garden To Cafe for all students in the cafeteria
  • reducing waste
  • recycling and reusing materials/supplies
  • staying active 
  • and more!

Let's keep our kids happy and healthy.


There are two locations for the families of our school to enjoy gardening - Our 8th floor garden at school with access during the regular school hours (Monday through Friday) and our 276 plot at the Liberty Community Gardens which is open 24 hours a day.  Please note a maximum of 2 gardeners per week (and only sign up once through August 14th) for each location to water, feed, weed, harvest and replant!  Have fun, please leave notes on the google document and reach out if you have any questions to the garden leads...

For more information or to join the Wellness Committee, email: wellness@bpcschool.org.