Committee Guidelines


Welcome PTA parents and committee members. In the below sections, you will find guidelines and helpful information about school resources. The information regarding reimbursement requests. This applies to any parent or teacher who needs a check reimbursed by the PTA. If you have any questions, please contact



  • Please ask the PTA Treasurer for a reimbursement form. It must be filled out before a check can be issued
  • Please allow two weeks for checks to be issued under $500, and four weeks for checks over $500.
  • Reimbursement requests need a signature of a committee head or an email from the committee head approving the expenditure.

Cash and check deposits

  • Committees provide high-level income documentation for their events.
  • Halloween keeps a cash box for the bake sale separate from the entry cash box. Each box is counted and recorded on a paper to be given to the Treasurer.
  • Committees make arrangements with the office before the event to lock cash in the principal's safe.
  • Committees please ask the treasurer for a deposit form to fill out with any cash or checks, to be verified by the treasurer. 


  • Committees must show all contracts to the PTA President(s) before signing on behalf of PTA.

Helpful Information

  • Posters can be printed in color in the office. Have a USB drive and ask Sabrina or Danny for help.
  • For high quantities of flyers, please use the RISO machine in the office, and not the PTA copy machine.
  • Color copies can be ordered online, much cheaper than ordering locally. One recommended vendor is Best Value Copy.
  • Costco sells 40 bottles of water for under $5, if you know someone with a membership and a car. Target also has inexpensive water.
  • When ordering items through Amazon, don't forget to go through the PTA's Amazon link!