Policies and FAQs

How can I enroll my child?
Elementary school children living in our school zone can contact the school to register. Middle School children must visit the District 2 Family Welcome Center at 333 7th Avenue, 12th floor or contact them at 212-330-9442.

What is your school zone?
Our school is located in District 2 in Lower Manhattan.

Arrival Procedures
Pre-K is from 8:25 am to 2:30 pm Monday - Friday.

For K - 8th grade, school is from 8:25 am - 2:45 pm Monday - Friday. 

All students and families of PS/IS 276 must enter through the main school entrance at the corner of Battery Place and First Place. The North Entrance (on Second Place) is used by P94M, the school with which we share our building, for arrival and dismissal. Please do not try to enter through the North Entrance. You will be told to go to the front of the building.

Students may enter the building beginning at 8:00 am for the free breakfast program in the cafeteria. There will be faculty on duty between 8:00 - 8:25 am to supervise all students. No students can enter the building before 8:00 am as there is no supervision at that time. Note that Breakfast program is currently paused. 

The school starts at 8:25 am. Students should arrive at school by 8:15 am to have time to get to class on time if they are not a part of the breakfast program. Important work and routines at the beginning of each day set children up for success, and being on time helps children feel comfortable and secure.

Kindergarten families escort their kindergartners to the classroom until the beginning of October. After adjusting to school and learning how to line up in the gym, kindergarteners line up in the gym and their teachers pick them up there.

First through fourth graders line up in the gym with their class starting the first day of school. Parents do not escort their children to the gym. Parents should not go beyond the orange wall to decrease traffic and confusion. It is best if you say goodbye to your child outside the school doors. We have staff on duty in the lobby to help children get to the gym safely and confidently.

Fifth through Eighth graders should swipe in with their ID cards upon arrival. Students who choose to enter the building before 8:10 am will gather in the cafeteria. Otherwise, students will be swiped up in the elevator to their homeroom floor starting at 8:10 am.

Dismissal Procedures
No Dismissal After 2 PM

If your child HAS TO LEAVE after 2 PM please have the child in the office so when the parent comes in there is no disruption to his/her class

Lower school teachers dismiss each class outside at the designated spot in fair and inclement weather.

please look for your child’s class # in the windows. Students will be escorted from their classrooms by their teachers to the front of the building. Students need to shake their teacher’s hands before they can be released to you. Please be patient with that process and teach your child the importance of shaking the teacher’s hand, saying goodbye, and pointing out who has come to pick him or her up. Please don’t be late for pick up or drop off. 5th graders can leave the school unescorted if the parent signs the release form and give it to the teacher.

On half days, students will be dismissed at 11:30 am.

If your child is going home with a friend after school or is being picked up by a friend’s parent or caregiver WRITTEN PERMISSION is required in advance from both families.

Remind your children that they will not be able to call home during the school day in order to make after school arrangements to visit a friend. Likewise, parent phone requests for last-minute changes at the end of the day plans cannot be accommodated.

Emails to teachers throughout the day requesting a change of plans cannot be accommodated.

With written permission, fifth-grade students can be dismissed to go home unaccompanied. Additionally, with written permission, siblings in grades 5 and up can pick up younger siblings.

Middle school students are dismissed at the end of the day are expected to leave school on their own or go to after school. They are not allowed to hang out at school unless they are attending after-school.

Early Departure
The following procedures are followed to assure the safety of children who are released during the day.

  • Written notification should be sent to the teacher stating the time of release.

  • Only individuals identified on the student's blue emergency card will be allowed to pick the child up from school.

  • The parent (or other named adult in the note) must COME TO THE OFFICE, SIGN FOR THE CHILD, AND BE PREPARED TO SHOW OFFICE STAFF IDENTIFICATION. All children must be signed out in the office. Children will remain in the classroom with their teacher until notified by the office staff that an adult has arrived to pick them up

  • Students are not allowed to leave the building during school hours unaccompanied by an adult. Adults must come into the building to sign children out during the school day. This is due to legal liability and we are unable to be flexible on this point.

What is your homework policy?
Homework has multiple purposes. It provides students with additional independent practice of what they have been learning in school, it can be used to teach organizational skills and time management, and it gives parents an insight into what students are doing in school. Homework should be developmentally appropriate, not stressful, and not busy work. That said, it is expected that all students read independently at home each evening. The books and the amount of time spent with books are obviously going to be different at different grade levels. In kindergarten, parents are going to be more involved. Homework in kindergarten is most likely going to involve parents and children looking at books together. Before homework like this is assigned, parents will be informed of expectations for reading and the various ways parents can help. As students advance through the grades, the homework policy will be modified. We will have guidelines for types of homework and suggested amounts of time that should be spent on homework.

Is there an after-school program?
Manhattan Youth coordinates our afterschool program.  Students get a healthy snack, participate in clubs, have homework time, and have free playtime.  Each day, a variety of clubs are offered. The choices always include something athletic, something creative, and something academic.  For more information, visit their website

Every absence is considered a significant loss of instruction. Please notify the office by 8:30 am if your child will be absent from school. Voice mail will record calls regarding student absences before and after school hours.

The Department of Education has an automated calling system that will notify you if your child is absent or tardy. If you feel that this call is in error, please let the office know.

When a student returns after an absence, they MUST bring a written explanation to the homeroom teacher signed by a parent or guardian. The office will record on the daily attendance sheet if the student has brought in a note. Students are responsible for making up all work missed while absent.

Time Off

If your child is taking off more than 3 days please send a copy of your itinerary to your homeroom teacher and our Attendance Monitor, Daniel Fanelli in office (daniel.fanelli@bpcschool.org 

Students arriving after 8:25 am are considered late and must get a late pass before going to their classrooms. Lateness is recorded in the DOE’s electronic record-keeping system and on your child’s report card. If your child is late and did not check-in at the office, it is possible that the lateness will be marked as an absence.

If you are leaving PS 276 or possibly leaving:
Please advise Erica Weldon (eweldon@schools.nyc.gov)  or ask your teacher for the Discharge Form 

If you moved:
Please bring in 2 proofs of your new address so we can update your child’s biographical information in the DOE system.

School Cell Phone Policy
It is a school policy that students do not use cell phones during the day. PLEASE! Do not call or text your child during the school day. If your child needs to be in touch with you, they need to use the school phones.