Did You Know?


I.S.276 Students have the ability to Graduate with Distinction

 Unique to I.S. 276, Middle School students have the opportunity to apply to Graduate with Distinction. 276 believes in cultivating the highest potential of its graduates, and it allows students to choose their potential area(s) of Distinction including:


 If students aim to Graduate with Distinction, they strive to answer the question:

 “how has my work in this area helped me grow as an individual and contribute to my school community?”

 Students first declare their intention to Graduate with Distinction with a letter. They then work towards demonstrating this Distinction by creating a portfolio that could include artifacts, logs of work and letters from mentors or coaches. The students also meet with faculty to share and discuss their choice(s) of Distinction and portfolio. The final portfolio is reviewed by the faculty prior to Graduation. On Graduation Day, students who achieve this Distinction are presented with a cord(s) to commemorate this achievement.