2018-2019 at PS/IS276 Pre-Registration in June, July and August.

2019-2020 at PS/IS276 PRE-Registration in June, July and August.

Once your child(ren) is living in our school zone (south of Liberty/west of Broadway) you can pre-register them for Kindergarten through 5th grade for 2018-19 during the following days:


-Wednesday, June 5th through Wednesday, June 26th 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

-Monday, July 15 through Wednesday, July 24 8:30 am - 2:30 pm

-Monday, August 26 throughout the school year. The first day of school is Thursday, September 5, 2019.  (It is likely that we will have a waitlist for K, 1st, 3rd and 5th grades for the 2019-20 school year after June).

Please see the list below of documents you must submit. You need to bring your child unless they have been attending a NYC public school and you can provide your child’s OSIS# (found on their report card).

You will need a photo ID to enter the building. Please see Erica Foley Weldon eweldon@schools.nyc.gov  or Sabrina Raza-Wiese Sabrina.razawiese@bpcschool.org

What to Bring/advise for PRE-Registration- if you are missing any of the following documents you will need to come back to register:

1) Bring your child or your child’s OSIS# if they attended a NYC public school.

2) Child’s original birth certificate or passport

3) Child’s most recent immunization records

4) Your child’s most recent report card from their previous school

5) Please advise If your child received any physical, medical or special education (IEP) services at their previous school

6) Please advise if your child may need ELL (English language learner) services at school.

7) Please bring your child’s most recent NYC public school IEP (Individual education plans) if applicable

8) Bring 2-3 proofs of address from the following list:


A) A residential utility bill (gas or electric) in the resident’s name issued by Con Edison must be dated within the past 60 days

B) Documentation or letter on letterhead from a federal, state or local government agency, including the IRS,NYCHA, HRA, ACS, or an ACS subcontractor indicating the resident’s name and address; must be dated within the past 60 days

C) An original lease agreement, deed or mortgage statement for the residence

D) A current property tax bill for the residence or a home insurance bill.

E) If new to the zone, you can provide a NOTARIZED letter from the managing agent of the building stating that you and your child live At the address along with a copy of your signed and dated lease.

F) Official payroll documentation from an employer such as a form submitted for tax withholding purposes or payroll receipt; must be dated within the past 60 days

G) A valid driver’s license with your new address printed on the license, NYC ID or voters registration

If your child has an IEP or needs special education support and they have never attended a NYC public school please make sure you bring in their most recent evaluation or visit NYC Department of education CSE at 333 7th avenue @29th street 7th floor.


Some important information about PS276 Lower School:

Pre-K is from 8:25 am to 2:30 pm Monday - Friday.

For K - 8th grade, school is from 8:25 am - 2:45pm  Monday - Friday.

The first day of school is Thursday, September 5th, 2019 (half day for Kindergarten until 11:30 am.)


New family orientation will be in September before school begins - time TBA.

DROP-OFF: Students say good bye to their parents in the lobby and the students will walk down the hall to the gym where school staff will greet them and help them to their class line if needed.

5th grade goes straight to their classrooms.

You can drop off as early as 8am in the 5th floor cafeteria for free breakfast afterwards the students will be escorted to their classrooms by a member of the school staff who will be with them in the cafeteria.

PICK UP: Pick up is along the front of the building – please look for your child’s class # in the windows. Students will be escorted from their classrooms by their teachers to the front of the building. Students need to shake their teacher’s hands before they can be released to you. Please be patient with that process and teach your child the importance of shaking the teacher’s hand. Please don’t be late for pick up or drop off. 5th graders can leave the school unescorted if parent signs release form and gives to teacher.

LUNCH: Please bring a lunch in with your child or they can get free hot lunch from the school cafeteria starting on the first day.

There is a menu posted on our website www.bpcschool.org

Please talk to your child about the importance of eating their lunch in the amount of time given.

They can socialize in the school yard but the cafeteria is for eating.

If you would like to volunteer for lunch duty please come to the front desk, sign in with ID then come to the office for your parent volunteer lanyard. Please help take care of all the children and work with the school aides who are there to make sure the students are safe. Dress Code: Please send your child to school in comfortable clothing to play and sit on the rug in the classroom. It is important that your child wear shoes that are appropriate for running, skipping and hopping. All sandals should have a strap in the back and non slip soles. NO CROCS or flip flops please. On your child’s gym day, which will be advised by your teacher, it is important that they wear sneakers or they will be asked to sit out and will receive a zero for participation that day.

SUPPLIES: The PTA of 276 purchases the classroom supplies in bulk and asks the families to contribute $75 to cover supply costs and $25 to cover periodic Lice checks at the school. A letter will be sent home in September in the BACK TO SCHOOL PACKETS. Your child should have a backpack the first day of school.

AFTERSCHOOL PROGRAM: most clubs conducted on school premises. Please visit www.manhattanyouth.org for more information and to register and select club choices. Please do not delay as the clubs fill up quickly. Lower school afterschool director is Brad Lewis at Brad@manhattanyouth.org Pick up from afterschool is at 6pm in the school lobby. Please visit our website for school events calendar and to find out more information about our school www.bpcschool.org

PTA: To get involved with volunteering or donating big and small contact email pta@bpcschool.org

Please contact Sabrina.razawiese@bpcschool.org with any questions about school policies.