Kindergarten through 8th grade students will be participating in the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital Math-A-Thon from March 21st to April 7th. These students will be helping to raise money for kids battling cancer and other deadly diseases at St. Jude, one of the world’s premier pediatric cancer research centers. Last year, PS/IS 276 was one of the top 100 national school fundraisers for St. Jude!!

Math-A-Thon allows students to build and practice essential math skills by solving math problems in a grade appropriate Funbook (Math Workbook). Students will be asking for donations in support of their participation in the Math-A-Thon. Donations may be made in the form of a pledge for each problem worked correctly or a flat donation. At the end of the two week period all donations collected will be sent to St. Jude, where no child is ever turned away because of the family’s inability to pay.

Please refer to the envelope included for more information. You can request a hard-copy Funbook, or you may complete your fundraiser online. As we are a green school, we hope you will consider asking for donations to be made online and completing the online Funbook. But, we welcome cash and checks as well, and can provide hard-copy Funbooks.  


Math-A-Thon Dates

Due date extended to: Friday, March 24 - Last day to turn in Permission slips in your child’s backpack, or in the main office. 

Week of March 20 - Funbooks will arrive in your student’s backpack. Please start working on the hard copy Funbook once it arrives, or, if you are doing your fundraiser online, please start working on the on-line Funbook immediately.

FINAL DUE DATE EXTENDED to: Friday, April 21 - Last day of Math-A-Thon: all Funbooks completed and collection envelopes turned in. 


If you have any questions, please contact Sabrina Raza-Wiese: