Lunch Room Volunteers


10:45 AM - 11:30 AM GRADES 2-4


GENERAL DEFINITION AND ROLE OF LUNCH MONITOR Ensures the health, safety, welfare and enjoyment of students in school cafeteria and in the recess areas designated.

TYPICAL TASKS The minimum expectations of volunteer lunch monitors include, but are not limited to, the following functions:

  • Supervises students in the cafeteria, while in “hot lunch” lines, while eating, and during cafeteria dismissal;

  • Assists with the serving of cold food and the distribution of milk in the kitchen for grades K through 3.

  • Maintains discipline in the cafeteria according to school code of conduct and encourages proper table manners through positive enforcement;

  • Assists students with opening food containers, bottles, securing implements if needed;

  • Reports all student injuries, accidents, illnesses, and discipline problems to an appropriate school

    administrator immediately,

  • Supervises hallway near bathrooms, at water fountain and hand washing areas (K-3 specific).

  • Engages children in fun, productive conversation as appropriate to diffuse potential “incidents” and/or help ensure pleasant lunch time experiences.

  • Assists cafeteria staff in cleaning up spills, accidents, etc;

  • Supervises children during dismissal from lunch to ensure independent clean-up of garbage and


  • Escorts children down the stairs to designated recess area as requested by school administrator.

  • Supervises and engages children during outdoor or indoor recess time as needed by recess coaches.



PHYSICAL DEMANDS Lunch duties are performed typically in settings related to the cafeteria, but not limited to kitchen, hallways, stairs, playground and the gymnasium. Work is typically performed while walking or standing. Other physical activities may be required, such as, but not limited to reaching, bending, tying shoes, unscrewing bottle tops, opening yogurt tubes, laughing, smiling, scowling, sweeping floors and wiping tables.


Volunteers are requested to commit to the full lunch period of their choosing whenever possible. Lunch Monitors are requested to:

  1. Arrive at school at least 5 minutes prior to the beginning of the first lunch period (10:45-11:30, Grades 1-3). Arrive at school at least 10 minutes before Kindergarten lunch period (12:25-1:10 pm) to assist with table/floor clean up before arrival of children.

  2. Sign in to the “Lunch Log” at the Security Desk.

    • Please have ID with you

    • Please follow directions of Security (you may be directed to Main Office)

  3. Use stairs to walk to the 5th floor cafeteria.

  4. Introduce yourself to the Parent Coordinator or school administrator present.

  5. Introduce yourself to the Kitchen Staff and request a pair of rubber gloves. (Gloves should be warn at all times when serving food or assisting children with containers).

  6. Determine with other parent volunteers where each will assist (2 kitchen servers, multiple floaters for main floor to supervise and assist, monitor exits and bathrooms).



  1. Greet children and encourage them to settle into eating their lunches in a timely way. Remind children purchasing “hot lunch” to wait in line quietly.

  2. Kitchen helpers (two min. grade K-3) need to: 1) serve cold vegetables to younger students as requested; 2) assist serving frozen fruit cups/fresh fruit, utensils and milk, as needed.

  3. Cafeteria Floaters should remind children in younger grades to raise their hands if they need help with containers or need to use the bathroom.

  4. Monitor proper table manners, body positioning on benches. Children need to sit on their bottoms, legs in front of them for their safety.

  5. Children need to be reminded to eat their lunches while enjoying their friends company.

  6. Encourage children to listen when receiving instructions from school administrators re: time remaining, clean up and dismissal. Monitors should assist children with following same instructions.


  1. Lunch Monitors need to follow direction/lead of school administrator for what is required when lunch is dismissed.

  2. Assist in keeping children’s voices at a moderate level while sitting in 2 lines with their class.

  3. Lunch Monitors may be asked to walk a class to the 3rd floor playground or other designated location in case of inclement weather. Volunteers need to be able to get the children to the designated location with the same behavior expected by their teachers – quietly, safely down the stairs.

  4. Lunch Monitors may stay to help supervise recess period and/or engage children in productive fun playtime. Volunteers need to be additional eyes for the recess supervisors while present.

  5. When possible after lunch has been dismissed, it is requested that Lunch Monitors assist kitchen staff in wiping down tables, sweeping up floors before the next lunch period begins. (This function is not necessary after the last period, Kindergarten). An additional 5-10 minutes is all that is required to prep the cafeteria for the next group of children. Monitors may then proceed to recess area if desired.