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    Sliced pizza has been discontinued on Fridays for the remainder of this school year. This Friday's school lunch will be Cheese and Spinach Raviolis and Stuffed Shells. The April menu has been updated and flatbread pizza will be served instead on some Fridays and can be found here

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High School Admissions

8th graders in need of recommendations/school records


If your 8th grader is applying to a high school that requests a letter of recommendation, work from his/her 7th grade portfolio, a copy of his/her 7th grade report card, or any other kind of school record, this must be requested at least a week in advance and students must fill out a request for recommendation form.  Please send in an addressed, stamped envelope if you need material mailed from the school.

Any issues with attendance must be corrected in the Main Office before the end of the 7th grade school year.  Adjustments to attendance records CAN NOT happen in the fall of 8th grade.  

Office Hours
One on one meetings scheduled as needed.  Contact mary.valentine@bpcschool.org for details.




Catholic High School Information - Information if you are interested in applying to Catholic High Schools.
Inside Schools - An independent guide and information about NYC public schools.
NYCDOE High School Information Page -
This is a direct link to the New York City Department of Education High School choice & enrollment section. Learn about upcoming fairs, FAQ's regarding the admission process, and other helpful information.
On-line High School Directory
The directory provides detailed descriptions of over 400 New York City public high schools, including information about programs, extracurricular activities, and eligibility. A hard copy of this book will be provided towards the end of 7th grade. Be mindful in your research that school admission criteria can change from year to year.