• School Food Menu Update (3/27):

    Sliced pizza has been discontinued on Fridays for the remainder of this school year. This Friday's school lunch will be Cheese and Spinach Raviolis and Stuffed Shells. The April menu has been updated and flatbread pizza will be served instead on some Fridays and can be found here

    PS-IS276 02M276 - Battery Park City School
  • Terri's Latest Blog Post: Algebra for All


    PS-IS276 02M276 - Battery Park City School
  • Spring Auction:

    Tickets are on sale now! To purchase, click HERE

    PS-IS276 02M276 - Battery Park City School



Wellness Committee help keep our school green and healthy through efforts focused on:

  • coordinating chef and vegetable tastings with Garden To Cafe for all students in the cafeteria
  • reducing waste
  • recycling and reusing materials/supplies
  • staying active 
  • and more!

Let's keep our kids happy and healthy.



Click on above link for resources on healthy recipes and recycling. Discover healthy options to feed your family with meat-free recipes submitted by parents, students, school staff and community organizations.



Do you love to garden and want to get your hands in the soil? We will have opportunities throughout the summer and fall to be green and garden either on our 8th floor, outside the school and in the Liberty Community Garden school plot. If you are interested in care taking - email us with the title summer gardener and your information. Please understand this is only for the school community of families and teachers.

For more information or to join the Wellness Committee, email: wellness@bpcschool.org.