• School Food Menu Update (3/27):

    Sliced pizza has been discontinued on Fridays for the remainder of this school year. This Friday's school lunch will be Cheese and Spinach Raviolis and Stuffed Shells. The April menu has been updated and flatbread pizza will be served instead on some Fridays and can be found here

    PS-IS276 02M276 - Battery Park City School
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    PS-IS276 02M276 - Battery Park City School
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    PS-IS276 02M276 - Battery Park City School


The SLT - School Leadership Team - is comprised of the Principal, United Federation of Teachers Chapter Chair, the PTA president, elected teachers and elected parents. The core responsibility of the SLT is to develop the school's Comprehensive Educational Plan (CEP), particularly setting and tracking progress toward annual goals, and ensuring that the CEP is aligned with the school-based budget. SLTs are strongly encouraged to solicit input from various school community constituencies in order to ensure that all voices are heard regarding the needs of students. Functioning in a collaborative manner, SLTs also help to evaluate the effectiveness of the school's educational programs and their impact on student achievement. 

Meetings are open to all teachers and parents, who are welcome to listen and may also request speaking time on a curriculum topic. To request speaking time, or ask any curriculum related questions, email the SLT at slt@bpcschool.org or leave a note in the SLT mailbox in the school office at least one week in advance of a meeting.

SLT Committee Members

 Committee Members 
Terri Ruyter Pricinpal/Core Member
Alexis Querques Teacher, UFT Representative
Jamie Christian Teacher
Ariel Dlugasch Teacher
Tamar Goelman Teacher
Rachel Lewis Teacher
Carmen Robles Teacher
Cristina Shapiro Parent/Co-Chair
Melissa Berman Parent/Co-Chair
Matt Schneider Parent
Tammy Meltzer Parent:  Co-Secretary
Greg Owens Parent:  Co-Secretary