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    First Day of School is September 7th

    PS-IS276 02M276 - Battery Park City School


How can I enroll my child?
Elementary and middle school children living in our school zone can contact the school to register. For the 2010-2011 school year, we will serve students in grades kindergarten through second grade and sixth grade.  If you live in our zone and have children in grades 3 to 5, you will attend either PS234 (for families in the financial district) or PS89 (Battery Park City residents). Middle school children in grades 7 and 8 will need to contact the Borough Enrollment Office at 333 Seventh Avenue. 

What is your school zone?
Our school is located in District 2 in Lower Manhattan.  Our zone is roughly described as being south of Albany, Liberty and Maiden Lane.

What is your homework policy?
Homework has multiple purposes. It provides students with additional independent practice of what they have been learning in school, it can be used to teach organizational skills and time management, and it gives parents an insight into what students are doing in school. Homework should be developmentally appropriate, not stressful, and not busy work. That said, it is expected that all students read independently at home each evening. The books and the amount of time spent with books are obviously going to be different at different grade levels. In kindergarten, parents are going to be more involved. Homework in kindergarten is most likely going to involve parents and children looking at books together. Before homework like this is assigned, parents will be informed of expectations for reading and the various ways parents can help. As students advance through the grades, the homework policy will be modified. We will have guidelines for types of homework and suggested amounts of time that should be spent on homework.

Is there an afterschool program?
Manhattan Youth coordinates our afterschool program.  Students get a healthy snack, participate in clubs, have homework time, and have free play time.  Each day, a variety of clubs are offered. The choices always include something athletic, something creative, and something academic.  For more information, visit their website

Where can I find more information about PS/IS 276?
You can visit our webpage on the New York City Department of Education's website for statistical data and other information about our school.

You can also read about us at Inside Schools.